GOOD START A.G. Farah’s Foundation for migrants


Fundacja dla Migrantów DOBRY START im. A. G. Farah (formerly: Foundation for Somalia) is a non-governmental organisation created by people with migrant experience as well as Poles working together to integrate migrants with the host society. It focuses primarily on helping with the legalisation of stay, organising Polish language classes and professional activation of foreigners, as well as promoting and strengthening cultural diversity in the workplace. 

The mission of the Foundation is to promote intercultural dialogue, diversity policy and exchange of experiences. Through its activities, the Foundation wants to promote values such as tolerance and respect for human rights in accordance with the idea that everyone – regardless of their origin, race, religion or views – deserves to be accepted in society.

The idea

The Foundation for Somalia was founded in 2007 in Warsaw by Jolanta Opalińska and Abdulcadir Gabeire Farah. As the first organisation in Poland, it directed its activities to a region that had not received humanitarian aid for years – Somalia. They built and equipped a hospital in Adado. At the same time, the Foundation started activities for intercultural dialogue and migrants in Poland.

How do they benefit from BU Programme?

Within the Programme, we support the organization in planning new strategies, as well as in the implementation of activities in the field of individual and corporate fundraising, and institutional granting.