About the program

What is Business Unusual

Business Unusual is a program designed to strengthen social entrepreneurship in Poland. It is implemented by the Stocznia Foundation with the support of Google.org. We created it to help newly emerging and already existing social enterprises, aimed mainly at people with refugee and migrant experience. We want to provide these initiatives with the greatest possible stability and independence to maximize their effectiveness.

How do we understand social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is the “middle way” between the world of business and the world of non-profit organizations. Its goal, as in the case of an non-profit, is a broadly understood social change, introduced through business methods of operation. Social advantage is more important in it than economic profit.

Who can apply
We invite everyone who implements or plans activities for people with refugee and migrant experience to participate in the program, including:
– non-profit organizations,
– individuals or informal groups,
– companies implementing a social mission,
– social cooperatives.

What you can get within the program

We will help you meet institutional, formal and substantive challenges in areas such as law, IT, marketing, team development, evaluation and finance. Together with experts, we will prepare a development plan tailored to your needs and capabilities, and we will implement it according to the schedule agreed with you. The program does not involve the direct transfer of a financial grant. We will, however, cover the costs associated with the creation of a development plan for your project and the implementation of selected elements. The maximum amount allocated to support each activity is PLN 30,000.

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