Program rules

The Program is organized by the Stocznia Foundation with its seat in Warsaw in cooperation with

The aim of the Business Unusual program is to strengthen social initiatives that are just emerging or already existing in Poland, ones that undertake or intend to undertake business activities aiming at activating people with refugee experience and migrants. We want to wisely support these activities, so as to ensure their sustainability and effectiveness.

We invite everyone who implements or plans activities using business tools for the benefit of people with refugee and migrant experience, including:

– non-profit organizations

– individuals or informal groups

– companies with a social mission

Participation in the recruitment and program is free of charge.

Yes, the program is nationwide.

In order to participate in the program, you must register during our call for applications. For this purpose, you must complete and send the application form in the “Apply” tab on our website from the 10th of July until the 10th of August, 2023.

Simply submitting an application does not mean that you are eligible for the program.

The obligatory document entitling to participate in the recruitment process is only the completed form and sent on time.

One can apply to our program from the 10th of July until the 10th of August, 2023.

Only one application can be sent.

The content entered in the form will be stored in the so-called cache.

You will be able to reload it, provided that you do not clear the cache while working on the ticket.

No, there will be no more open calls for this edition of Business Unusual.

The decision to qualify for the first stage of the program is made by the Committee composed of representatives of the Organizer. When assessing the applications, the following criteria will be primarily taken into account:

– consistency with the purpose of the program

– the need to implement the project

– feasibility of planned activities.

After the initial assessment, Organiser’s representatives together with external experts, will meet the people and teams that received the highest scores. Based on these discussions, selected initiatives will go to the next stage. An additional selection criterion, during conversations with those willing to participate in the program, will be the predicted sustainability of the effects of the action.

The results will be published on the program website and sent directly by e-mail to the address provided in the application form.

In total (including both the first and the second open call for applications), about 30 various projects and organizations from all over Poland will receive support.

Together with experts, we will prepare a development plan tailored to the needs and capabilities of the participants and we will work on its implementation.
We will help participants meet institutional, formal and substantive challenges in areas such as law, IT, marketing, team development, evaluation and finance.

The program does not include the direct transfer of a financial grant. However, we will cover the costs related to the creation of a development plan for projects qualified to the program and the implementation of selected elements. Therefore, at the stage of implementation of activities, we will sign an agreement with all participants, not a grant agreement.

The maximum amount allocated to support each activity is PLN 30,000.

The deadline for completing the work in individual stages is determined individually and depends on a specifically tailored course of action for each participant. However, all the activities and support will end by October 2024.

  • Open Call for applications : 10.07. – 10.08.2023 r.
    *The organizer keeps the right to prolong the open call deadline if necessary.
  • Assessment of applications: 08.2023 r. – 09.2023 r.
  1. All the submitted applications will be assessed formally and substantively.
  2. As part of the evaluation of applications, interviews for the Program will be held with applicants invited to the substantive evaluation stage.
  3. Participation in the online interview is necessary to apply for participation in the Program.
  • Announcement of the Open Call results: 09.2023 r.
  • Diagnosis of needs and preparation of development plans: 10.2023 – 12.2023
  1. Each participant of our program will have diagnostic meetings with external experts.. 
  2. Based on the conducted diagnoses we will create individual development plans, which will focus on support needed by a given applicant.
  • I stage of animation – until 03.2024 r.
  1. At this stage, all qualified applicants will be able to use up to 30% of their planned support budget as presented in the development plan.
  2. In March 2024 the organizer will conduct a verification of the support process and choose participants, who will be invited to the second stage of animation.
  •  The Finale – II stage of animation – 04.2024 r. – 10.2024 r.
  1. All participants qualified to the second stage will conduct the rest of their development plan.
  • The end of the Program: 
  1. The program support, due to the tailored approach to each participant, will end on various dates. 

Yes, the content report will be obligatory.

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