YOUkraine Foundation


YOUkraine Foundation has opened and runs the first private kindergarten for children from Ukraine living in Poland called “Mała Kraina”. They are currently in the process of opening the Multicultural Integration Center “Wisełka” by the sea, where they plan to organise camps and trips for Ukrainian children.

The idea

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the YOUkraine Foundation has focused on helping children and their mothers. Their actions address two important needs of this community:

  • inclusion of children from Ukraine in education
  • integration of women from Ukraine

How does the Program support their actions?

  • networking: support in establishing contacts with other organisations in Poland and abroad, 
  • mentoring: using the experience of the Program’s team and helping the development of a young organisation,
  • training and access to various events and initiatives for NGOs.