Magda Sadura and Weronika Brączek


They are implementing an initiative to develop a model of involving an audience with experience of migration in the activities of cultural institutions. Together with two selected cultural institutions and experts with migration experience, they prototype a model that will make it easier for cultural institutions to recognize and map the potential audience of refugees and migrants in order to reach them more effectively. The model will include a set of tips and tools for working with refugees and migrants, as well as proposals for practical solutions related to intercultural communication, integration and participation.


The developed model of cooperation and know-how will be available to other cultural institutions.
We assume that it will be: 

  1. used in large and small institutions with different artistic and cultural profiles and different organizational models;
    2. consistent with the audience development approach, which assumes putting the recipient at the heart of all the institutions’ activities;
  2. created in relation to the data from the audience research reports of the cultural sector. 

The developed cooperation model will not constitute a finite concept, but will become a flexible manual to be applied and adapted within a given institution also after the end of the project.

The initiators of the project are Weronika Brączek and Magda Sadura from the Polish Migration Forum Foundation, and the model is created in an interdisciplinary team consisting of employees of cultural institutions, including people with migration experience and employees of the Polish Migration Forum.

The idea

It is our shared  vision of cultural institutions –  inclusive and open  for people with migration experience.

How does the Program support their actions?

With expert support in the process of piloting the development of the model – mainly organising the working group and facilitating the process.