KRAINA Foundation


The KRAINA Foundation was founded by people co-creating an informal group of Centrum Pomocy Mokotów, that ran a grassroots humanitarian aid point in Warsaw from March to June 2022. KRAINA is a multidimensional, long-term social initiative, a prototype project in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, with the goal of creating a model ready to be replicated in other districts and towns. A place open to anyone, with particular emphasis on people in homelessness crisis, refugees, the poor, the elderly, people who have difficulties navigating in today’s world.

KRAINA is a systematic exchange program including: goods, services and mutual assistance, which consists of i.a.: a sharing point, space for integration, provision of services to local community.

The idea

People gathered around the organisation have noticed the growing problem of functioning in today’s world, as a result of increasing social distance between people and the lack of community movements. Initiators came up with an idea that supports building a sense of belonging, security and integration of local communities. They create a space, the model that – after some improvements – will become a systemic solution to address the above mentioned modern issues.

How does the Program support their actions?

First of all, we offer the – still fledgling – foundation the organisational support related to the formal and legal environment, as well as participation in trainings and workshops that contribute to the development of the institution. 

As a part of the program, we provide individual support in the area of cooperation with local communities.



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