Nomad Women Foundation


The Foundation was established 5 years ago in Gdańsk, by women with experience of forced migration. It aims at self-help and self-organisation of migrant women and their families by:

– supporting the participation of immigrant and refugee women in public, economic, and culture life

– removing barriers related to access to knowledge, public services and activities

– counteracting sexual discrimination and violence against women.

The idea

In 2014-2018, as an informal group consisting of female refugees from Chechnya and women from Poland, they conducted educational and integration activities in Gdańsk and the Tricity.
In October 2018, they established a foundation whose statutory objectives include educational and integration support for this group of women. In 2021, the organisation expanded its activities to run a social enterprise called Kuchnia Kobiety Wędrowne [Nomad Women Kitchen].

How does the Program support their actions?

Assisting the development of the organisation’s growth strategy, facilitating communication in a multicultural team as well as promoting activities. Another crucial aspect are development consultations within the food industry and assist in purchase of additional equipment for the catering venture.