Diagnosis Acceptance Development Foundation


Daria Kharkova has been supporting children with various disabilities for 13 years. The experience of working in integrative and special schools as well as therapeutic offices revealed the problem of parents, who often feel lonely and deprived of help in caring for their children and providing them with appropriate support. In response to these problems, Daria has decided to launch a foundation and implement DAR project. She also translates educational and therapeutic materials into Ukrainian for children with migration experience who do not speak Polish.

The idea

The idea to establish the foundation is a reaction to the arrival to Poland of a major number of children with disabilities who – together with their parents – left Ukraine after the outbreak of a full-scale war in February 2022. These children, in addition to developmental challenges resulting from disability, have to face a language barrier. Daria plans to create an online platform where parents will be able to benefit from an initial consultation, free training or receive materials for work at home. She also plans to open her own office, where she will be able to conduct therapy under the banner of her foundation, as well as integrate children and parents from Poland and Ukraine, who face similar challenges on a daily basis.

How does the Program support her actions?

Business Unusual Program helps Daria to take the first steps in foundation. With an attorney’s aid, she has gone through any formalities related to registering her organisation, while experts help her familiarise herself with the principles of accounting and fulfilling all other official obligations. What’s more, DAR Foundation’s website is being created within the Program, together with visuals and content that Daria will publish.




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