Słuszna Strawa Cooperativ


Słuszna Strawa Cooperative was created and run by people with migration experience. Over 80% of people working in the cooperative are at risk of exclusion and marginalisation on the labour market. Their primary goal is to create and maintain safe workplaces and comprehensive support for people coming to Poland (including language courses, training, workshops, legal assistance, assistant support, career counselling).

The idea

“The idea was born of the unpleasant experiences encountered in various workplaces and the desire to independently decide how we work and on what principles. We wanted to make decisions together, take responsibility for our own work, the need to be in a place where you don’t just come for eight hours a day and go home, but create a space of mutual support, cordiality and empathy.”

How does the Program support their actions?

By professional, expert’s support in the field of finance. The cooperative analyses decisions made and future plans by taking steps to ensure that existing jobs are maintained, while new ones are created. These activities include, i.a., courses in the field of financial management, analytical and audit support or creating tools for project settlement.