MOST is a regional media operating in Białystok, addressed to Belarusians living on both sides of the Polish-Belarusian border. The project is managed by a team of Belarusian journalists who have fled persecution in their country. The channels they run have become the main source of information for other Belarusians living in Poland. The mission of this initiative, which has been operating since 2022, is to unite people from Belarus in exile and to be an information bridge between Belarus and Poland. 

The idea

The idea of the initiative came from the need to inform people from Belarus living in Poland about events in their country, as well as to support and integrate Belarusian migrants in Poland.

How do they benefit from BU Programme?

Within the Programme, we support MOST Media members in using their journalistic experience to run media channel in Poland, including mentoring in the field of accounting and press law. We also help them develop a model for financing the editorial staff.



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