Empowerment Foundation


The main goal of Empowerment Foundation is supporting professional activation of people with refugee and migrant experience living in Poland. The Foundation involves other people and organisations led by migrants in this process, because their knowledge and experiences are close to the needs of the groups they help. For the Foundation, it is crucial to promote partnership cooperation, equal opportunities on the labour market, support entrepreneurship and show the potential of refugees and migrants in these areas.

The idea

Marijka Nebozhenko – the leader and founder of the Foundation – after the escalation of the war in Ukraine, became involved in supporting and helping those fleeing to Poland. This involvement turned into cooperation with many Polish and foreign social organisations and local government units (including the Office of the Capital City of Warsaw and the Labour Office of the Capital City of Warsaw). In May 2023, she decided to formalise her activities and established Empowerment Foundation.

How do they benefit from the BU Programme?

As part of the Programme, the Foundation benefits from support in creating a strategy and programme of activities, as well as financial management of the organisation. In addition, we help the leader implement changes on the website and in development activities.