Maryna Riabinina, “Resource” Initiative


“Resource” community brings together 34 women from Ukraine – psychologists, trainers, vocational counsellors – who support people with migration and refugee experience in Tricity. The aim of the group is to support people who help others through meetings, group or intervention activities, and thus counteract the professional burnout of psychologists, therapists and social activists.  

The main mission of “Resource” is to promote mental health and provide high quality psychological support, especially for women experiencing discrimination and various forms of violence.

The idea

The idea for the project came when Maryna started working as a psychologist with migrants. She lacked colleagues who could support her in difficult moments, with whom she could talk about her work and the experiences of people who turned to her for help. She contacted several psychologists from Tricity, and the number of specialists interested kept growing.

How do they benefit from BU Programme?

Within the Programme, we support an institutional initiative (including assistance in creating and running an NGO, building a team) and in the implementation of social projects, including institutional grants.