I love Dębniki Foundation


The community day care centre run by Kocham Dębniki in Krakow has been operating since April 2022. It is co-created by local community, which among others includes, people who fled the war in Ukraine. Residents organise educational and physical activities, workshops, as well as offer psychosocial support for children and adults from over a thousand families. They want to develop a model for creating similar self-help groups, so that people can open similar day care centres in other areas, also after returning their homes in Ukraine.

The idea

At the beginning there was Lena… and 260 other women who, with their children and parents, fled to Poland from neighbouring Ukraine in the first days of the war. They found shelter in homes of residents of Dębniki district of Krakow, who, thanks to the support of foreign partners, opened a safe haven for them – Dębniki Day Care Centre. People whose loved ones and homes were taken by the war, experience at the centre the power of bonding and sisterhood every day. Today, more than 1,100 families use the day care centre, and the Foundation is supported by over 100 volunteers. Together, they want to build a world where everyone has a safe place.

How do they benefit from BU Programme?

Kocham Dębniki was created in the heat of the moment and has so far operated with unfailing momentum. Within our Programme, we support them in developing a long-term strategy and action plans, as well as strengthening their potential.

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