Social Plexus Foundation


Obieg Twórczy is an initiative from Warsaw run by women – a foundation adapted to their needs. It is a social resource management center (things, objects) in the capital, where the members of the initiative collect objects, sort, repair, process and – thanks to the involvement of the community – learn in action. Some of the items obtained are donated to aid organisations in accordance with their previously expressed needs. They create infrastructure to improve the community management of surplus. The community consists primarily of people who look for unconventional solutions for more sustainable functioning.

The idea

After the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, the founders became involved in helping refugees – providing material assistance, which they obtained from discontinued collections of Polish fashion brands. Then they specialised in obtaining resources from the second circulation on a large scale and distributing them to other humanitarian organisations. During their activities, they noticed how many things are not used according to their potential, and instead, they end up in landfills. The Foundation’s dream is a circular economy, in which every thing has a chance to be reused. They also see social potential in the community management of resources, which is why in June 2023 they founded Obieg Twórczy [Creative Circuit] – a grass-roots social movement where they learn together how to minimise waste and how to process things that are usually treated like rubbish.

How do they benefit from BU Programme?

We support the initiative in creating a stable business model so that they can continue to develop and ensure sustainability and development of the initiative.