Fundacja Dar Losu [Fortune’s Gift]


Dar Losu Foundation is a social enterprise supporting migrants from Belarus and Ukraine living in Poland. They are developing the Sweet World initiative, activating people with migration experience. Their programme is based on learning the craft of confectionery and raising qualifications in the field of entrepreneurship, which directly empowers economic independence. An equally important goal of the Foundation is the implementation of projects supporting social integration in Poland.

The idea

Dar Losu Foundation is an organization represented by people from Belarus and Ukraine who met in Poland, and who support and inspire each other to take actions. The idea for Sweet World was created in response to unique needs and as a way to use talents of migrant women from Belarus and Ukraine. Many of them have skills in the art of confectionery, so the creators of the initiative saw an opportunity to help them not only use these skills, but also shape them in terms of business.

How do they benefit from BU Programme?

We support the Foundation in the process of strategic development, including building a permanent offer of the organization. In addition, we focus on improving the qualifications of the Foundation’s team in the field of external communication, fundraising and catering activities in accordance with Polish law and regulations. The Programme helped to create their website.