Migrant Info Point [Foundation of the Migration Research Centre]


Migrant Info Point (MIP) assists people with migration and refugee experience in Poznań and Wielkopolska. For 10 years, MIP has been providing comprehensive support to people who need advice on the legalisation of work and residence in our country. The Foundation provides legal and professional advice, organises Polish language courses and implements many initiatives supporting integration process.

The idea

It all started at the university research center (CeBaM UAM), from which the initiators of Migrant Info Point originate. They began activities related to the study of the situation regarding migration and integration in Poznań and Wielkopolska. In 2009, they began to carry out first research projects in the region, diagnosing the situation of both foreigners living in Poznań and the institutions newcomers contact. The results gave them a clear signal that concrete action had to be taken. One of the most important needs was to create a single place where people with migration experience could receive support in formal matters, as well as which would support their integration with the local community. In 2013, MIP was created, as a two-year project at first. Over time, it became clear that there is a significant demand for such place. Thanks to the determination of the founders, MIP continued to operate and to this day continuously supports foreigners in Poznań and the region.

How do they benefit from BU Programme?

We support the initiative primarily in the implementation of program activities, obtaining financing sources and networking with other organisations of a similar profile.