WeOk Warsaw


WeOk Warsaw is a self-help group of migrant women who provide psychological support to other women (with particular emphasis on mothers) and provide assistance in the treatment of war trauma to people with refugee experience and their children. The group is distinguished by a modern approach to conducting activities – their workshops and women’s support circles are aimed at strengthening the participants by helping them to accept themselves, their bodies and sexuality. They also plan to open counselling for LGBT+ teenagers with refugee experience.

The idea

WeOk initiative was born as a self-organising group of women war refugees. Oksana and Viktoriia – psychologists from Ukraine – met in the “Academy of Trainers” program of Inna Przestrzeń Foundation [The Other Space Foundation] and decided to start working together for others. Their goal is to help Ukrainian refugees and their children adapt and integrate within the society of the host country.

How do they benefit from BU Programme?

As part of the Programme, participants work with us to formalise activities and strengthen their group, as well as plan its further development.


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