Foundation for Development in Żywiec


Żywieckie Wersacze is a design studio created by Żywiecka Fundacja Rozwoju for people who have found themselves in a difficult career situation, and at the same time have creative potential and manual skills. It is an intercultural initiative, creating space for new ideas, designs and products, that are available to purchase – like a clothing brand that was created as part of the studio.

The idea

Pracownia Designu [Design Studio] (currently known as Żywieckie Wersacze) began its activity at the end of 2019 as part of the Centre for Social Integration, which is run by Żywiecka Fundacja Rozwoju. The launch of the workshop resulted from the specific need to create a workshop space for creative people in a difficult career situation. Firstly, the studio created greeting cards, invitations, decorative packaging and boxes as well as shopping bags. An important moment in the development of the studio was the reception of refugees from Ukraine, who appeared at the Refugee Aid Center, run by the Foundation. These people had manual skills, and at the same time they needed financial and social support after finding themselves in new conditions, in a foreign country

How do they benefit from BU Programme?

We support the initiative in developing business model of the studio and clothing brand, creating a strategy for selling goods and services offered by people involved in the Social Integration Centre.