Unity Foundation


The Multicultural Centre Jedność is a space in Krakow where numerous educational, integration, cultural and psychological projects are carried out for adults and children from different cultures, including refugees from Ukraine. Their activity follows the motto “From a beautiful dream to a powerful creation.”

The Centre is run by Fundacja Jedność, whose mission is to lay the foundations for a happy society of the future, a world without wars and discrimination. They want to create an environment in which, through cooperation between parents, children will grow to be mature persons with a positive impact on society.

The idea

Jedność was established in 2014 in Ukraine, where it carried out cultural and educational projects for children and adults: kindergarten, extra classes, a methodological center for educators and teachers, publishing houses and festivals. After the escalation of the war in Ukraine in 2022, a group of seven women along with nine students came to Poland and decided to continue their activities here.

How do they benefit from BU Programme?

Jedność receives support, among others, in the field of strengthening the communication of its activities and regarding the formal and legal aspects of running a non-governmental organisation in Poland: networking with other entities, strengthening fundraising competences and obtaining grants.