Inclusive Barista


Inclusive Barista is a grassroots initiative that aims to help people with various disabilities become baristas and integrate them with the local community. In addition to directly supporting these people and facilitating their entry into the labor market, the project aims to conduct advocacy activities related to the adaptation of public space. It has been implemented in Belarus since 2017, and later has been continued in Poland since 2022.

The idea

People with disabilities, especially in Belarus (where Sasha – the initiator of the project comes from), often remain an invisible part of society. A big problem is the lack of available infrastructure and a barrier-free environment. Inclusive Barista project was created as a training programme for baristas, aimed at both people with visible and invisible disabilities. It aims to change the way of employing, educating and designing cafes so that they are better adapted to the needs of all citizens.

How do they benefit from BU Programme?

In our Programme, we support the initiative in integration and networking with other organisations, institutions, as well as in promoting the integration café, which has been operating in Warsaw at Port Praski since April 2024. We are planning to support the development of the Inclusive Barista Mobile Café in the near future.